Two thousand twenty-two emotions / Irreducible Harvest 2022

So many emotions!

After fear, doubt, surprise, relief, impatience and pride… Joy! Another sensational vintage in every sense of the word. A beautiful and explosive blend that will have given rhythm to this exceptional year.

Mother Nature has put us to the test. After a winter season made of thawing and dry cold, spring did its job. A few scares, caused by the late frost, but that did not put an end to our good mood. The buds, well protected in their cotton, resisted the negative temperatures.

Finally, beautiful new shoots appeared on our vines. They overcame the torrential rains, the diseases, a violent hail storm in June and this interminable heat wave; Irreducible!

September is already here, the harvest is beautiful and promises to be memorable! We can’t wait to share our impressions with you.

Our doors are wide open, so come and take a look and taste the first juices in the cellar.

Des personnages dessinés foulent des grappes de raisin devant un cheval ailé
Hands immersed in freshly harvested bunches of grapes
Grape juice extracted by the press